What we are about.

Our documentary tells the story of Braidwood during our 2019-2020 Black Summer. We highlight the importance of community – everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their community survive and recover.

We highlight the unsung heroes – the RFS brigades, our community radio station, the mozzies, those feeding our firefighters, the neighbours lending a hand.

And we show our recovery. How our town is rebounding from its greatest existential threat, tackling mental health and working together. 

Our documentary will be released in 2021.

Meet our planned Braidwood based production team.

Matt Thane leads our team. Matt is a filmmaker and RFS fire fighter who captured footage while fighting the fires.
Harrison Thane is our producer. Harry has made successful documentaries for the UN Human Rights Commission and the Save The Children Fund. His films have been featured on the BBC, ABC and at international film festivals.
Clare Young is our film adviser. Clare has produced directed and edited short films which have won a string of local awards, broadcast on ABC, and played at festivals around Australia.
The talented Nick Munnings is our sound engineer.
Australia’s legendary songwriter Keith Potger is helping with the soundtrack.
Elizabeth Hawkes is our film production adviser. Liz is a Graphic Designer, magazine publisher, concert promoter and accomplished photographer with an accomplished portfolio.

Our production timeline.

September 2020 - Pre-Production
12th November 2020 - Launch Night (National Theatre Braidwood)
30th November 2020 - Funding Finalised
31st December 2020 - Short film pre-release available
31st January 2021 - Full film script finalised
28th February 2021 - Short film release
30th April 2021 - Full film pre-release available
30th June 2021 - Full film final release!