Our people.

A Community Under Fire highlights our people working together, helped by hundreds from communities across NSW and Victoria. We use one-on-one interviews interspersed with actual footage of the fires to tell our community’s experience of fire and recovery.

We have interviews with:

- RFS volunteers on the job

- People fighting to save their homes and farms

- Volunteers working behind the scenes

- Indigenous Elders

- Those staying on their farms to fight.

We focus on:

- The herculean effort of Braidwood's community radio presenters

- A farmer and his daughter who have lost everything

- A husband and wife team fighting fires while helping others experiencing mental health issues

- Children who will live with their experience of theses bushfires for decades to come (with parents consent)

Who gets the profits from A Community Under Fire?

Almost all documentaries make no money.  For this reason, we are fully funding our production costs and not relying on the chance of future sales. Fully funding A Community Under Fire means that every dollar we make from sales of the film, will go straight back to the Braidwood community. All proceeds from A Community Under Fire will go to two not for profit organisations who have done so much for Braidwood over the last year: 

Braidwood FM:

Braidwood Community Radio(Braidwood FM Inc.) is a not-for-profit incorporated association. It is staffed by unpaid volunteers. Braidwood FM follows the Community Radio Code of Practice. The station began broadcasting on Australia Day, January 2003.

Braidwood Life Centre:

Braidwood Life Centre (BLC) Inc. is a non-profit organisation, whose primary objectives are the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability and helplessness for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of the community within the Braidwood region or sections of it. We also commit to giving any unspent funds from donations to A Community Under Fire to these two organisations. Unspent grant funds will be returned to the grant provider, in accordance with grant conditions.

Our Board

An independent Board, drawn from across the Braidwood community, is overseeing all aspects of our production and is responsible for financing. Importantly, the Board has agreed to manage distribution of any revenue created by the film. Our Board members are:

Darren McDonald: Director, Alpha Marketing

Gordon Waters: Station Manager, Braidwood FM 

Alison Smith: Registered tax practitioner

Liz Hawkes: Marketing Manager, Circle Music

The primary purpose of the Board is to manage the raising of funds and ultimate creation of A Community Under Fire. The Board is responsible for assisting with film direction, production and marketing. A key role of the Board is to maintain transparency and secure credible partners and more importantly articulate where any money generated is being used and how it is going to be distributed.

The Board has agreed to:      
i. work as a collective      
ii. combine skill sets and ensure best endeavours for a favourable outcome    
iii. allow truthful and honest feedback and guidance relating to how this film is scripted, produced and shot   
iv. ensure responsible and honest use of all funds generated to pay for the film, as well as any funds made by screening the film     
v. meet all commitments made to funding bodies   
vi. ensure community interests are maintained and respected  
vii. at all times operate legally and ethically
viii.  procure funds, administer resources, ensure film authenticity and realise the final objective of making and distributing A Community Under Fire   
ix. keep the Braidwood community regularly informed about the progress of A Community Under Fire through its website, social and general media, including its financing and partnerships.