The historic New South Wales town of Braidwood is hurting.

In the weeks before Christmas, the main street of Braidwood is quiet. Summer is ordinarily peak tourist season, with families from Canberra stopping in on the way to Bateman’s Bay, but the recent bushfires, which still burn nearby, have put an end to travel to and from the coast.

The story of a small country town facing its threat, with courage and hope... fighting back against the odds.


Our Story

Our documentary tells the story of Braidwood during our 2019-2020 Black Summer. We highlight the importance of community and everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their community survive and recover.

We place a spotlight on the unsung heroes - the RFS brigades, our community radio station, the mozzies, those feeding our firefighters, the neighbours lending a hand and we show our recovery. How our town is rebounding from its greatest existential threat, tackling mental health and working together.

Our documentary will be released in 2021.

Our Community

Our documentary highlights our people working together, helped by hundreds from communities across NSW and Victoria.
We use one-on-one interviews interspersed with actual footage of the fires to tell our community's experience of the worst bushfire Australia has experienced in recorded history and the ongoing recovery that follows.